Doctor Who: Full Season 1-14 Download HD (2022)

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Doctor Who: Full Season 1-14 Download HD (2022) The 2022 specials of the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who are three additional episodes that follow the programme’s thirteenth series, and were first announced in July 2021. The first special aired on 1 January 2022, with the additional specials airing on 17 April and 23 October.

Jodie Whittaker, the 13th Doctor in the BBC’s long-running and immensely popular “Doctor Who” series, regenerated on Sunday, Oct. 23, revealing David Tennant, who was the 10th Doctor, as the 14th Doctor.

Tennant and Catherine Tate are reprising their roles for the show’s 60th anniversary, and the BBC has confirmed that they will appear in three special episodes, set to air in November 2023.

Download Doctor Who Tv Series: Full Season 1-14 HD (2022)

Release Date: 2005
Genre: Adventure | Drama | Family | Science Fiction
Rating:  8.8 / 10
Product: America
Broadcast: Sundays
Broadcast Channel: BBC One


Dr. Ho (Doctor Who) is a brilliant science fiction series created by the BBC television network. The story of a mysterious traveler with his own time machine called The Doctor. “The Doctor” of the Time Lord or the Lord of Time is a fantasy creature like man, but another resident of Calif. The masters of time were the creators who became specialist in time travels. In the series, we will get acquainted with different characters from these creatures.

Season 14

Doctor Who.S14E00.Eve of the daleks: 480p | 720px265 

Doctor Who.S14E00.Legend of the sea devils: 480p | 720px265 

Doctor Who new special episode720px265 | 480p

Season 13

Doctor Who.S13E01: 720p x265 | 480p 

Doctor Who.S13E02: 720p x265 | 480p 

Doctor Who.S13E03: 720p x265 | 480p 

Doctor Who.S13E04: 720p x265 | 480p 

Doctor Who.S13E05: 720p x265 | 480p 

Doctor Who.S13E06: 720p x265 | 480p

Doctor Who special episode: 720p x265 | 480p

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